LUXE Soy Candle Geo, 9oz | 3 Scents


Our 9 oz. candles 100% are carefully crafted with a 100%% natural soy wax blend of the highest quality for ultimate fragrance satisfaction for an extraordinary aroma experience unlike any other. Available in 3 scents.

White Sage + Lavender smells like
Your senses will be awakened by the grounding aroma of White Sage and Lavender fragrance. A symphony of lavender, aromatic woods, rosemary, chamomile and clove form a captivating herbal bouquet while lingering notes of sandalwood and cedar transport you to an apothecary-like state promoting balance between body & mind. Rediscover tranquility with this calming elegance!
 • Top Notes: Lavender
 • Mid Notes: Camphor, Chamomile, Sage and Rosemary
 • Base Notes: Sandalwood and Cedar

Sea Salt + Orchid smells like
A delightful aroma of delicate petals and sea-spray wafts from this subtle fragrance, is a perfect combination. At the heart are Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and green leaves that combine to create an elegant bouquet. A woodsy base note of Tonka bean adds depth while Sea salt brings out top notes with its refreshing marine energy – producing an relaxed luxurious spa atmosphere all year round.
 • Top Notes: Sea Salt, Jasmine
 • Mid Notes: Lily of the Valley and Green Leaves
 • Base Notes: Wood and Tonka Bean

Clean Cotton smells like
Take a deep breath and experience the calming nostalgia of freshly laundered linens. Sweet, zesty cotton blossom blends with crisp linen to create an airy scent that evokes sunshine-filled days in summertime. This classic fragrance is grounded by powdery soft base notes such as sandalwood and vintage violet, creating a timeless aroma you'll never forget!
 • Top Notes: Cotton Blossom, Lemon
 • Mid Notes: Linen and Powder
 • Base Notes: Sandalwood and Violet